Citrus County Animal Services
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Barn Cat Program:

Citrus County Animal Services is seeking barns of all shapes and sizes!

We are looking for cat lovers who have a barn, or other secure outdoor structure located in rural agricultural areas, that are interested in adopting cats that prefer not to be confined to a house. Find out more

Meet Our Seniors

iconDon't make it about you... make it about them.

"I thought it would just be too sad and painful” read what happened next...

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By adopting a senior dog (or cat), you are giving it a home where it can live out its last months / years comfortably, knowing that he was loved.

Featured Pet

Featured Pet

FREE ADOPTION! Night is a pretty black female with a nice personality. Night has an inquisitive little look on her face, and seems to be asking "will you be taking me home?". This little lady is ready for adoption. She has been here at the shelter since NOVEMBER 24, 2015.
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