It's Hip to Snip


The "Hip to Snip" promotion is for Citrus County citizens who need financial assistance to spay and neuter their pets. Snippet Citrus will be spaying/neutering cats for $10.00, dogs up to 99 lbs. for $25.00, and dogs from 100 lbs. up to 150 lbs. for $35.00. The promotion will run until the funds are gone. If you are in need of assistance, please call Snippet Citrus at (352) 436-4268.

Snippet Citrus is excited to announce and welcome Countryside Animal Clinic to their partnership with PetLuv Nonprofit Spay and Neuter Clinic, Dunnellon Animal Hospital, The Humanitarians of Florida, Inc. and Citrus County Animal Services. Snippet Citrus is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit tax-exempt corporation and continue to raise funds to meet our goal to “Stop Pet Homelessness Before It Starts.”

Photo above is Dusty.

Meet Our Seniors

Don't make it about you... make it about them.

By adopting a senior dog, you are giving it a home where it can live out its last months / years comfortably, knowing that he was loved.

"I thought it would just be too sad and painful” read what happened next...

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Featured Pet

Albert is inquisitive, has a great personality and loves to play and explore. Give Albert some consideration for adoption; this fellow is a very nice boy, and he's ready for a forever home.

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