FREE Adoptions Continue!

FREE adoption for Dogs & Cats that have been at the shelter for more than 30 days.

$10.00 license fee applies.

We need foster parents

We Need Foster Parents

We are in need of people to provide short-term care for our animals. We are "especially" in need for fosters to care for our KITTENS.

  • If you are willing to open your heart and home to animals in need, please give us a call.


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Meet Our Seniors

Don't make it about you... make it about them.

"I thought it would just be too sad and painful” read what happened next...

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By adopting a senior dog (or cat), you are giving it a home where it can live out its last months / years comfortably, knowing that he was loved.

Featured Pet


knows how to make the most of her play time. She is a fun-loving girl who enthusiastically enjoys being in the yard with her favorite humans playing with a rope toy or a ball.

Our Adoption Bus

Adoption Bus