Citrus County Animal Services

Have you Lost Your Pet?

Lost Pet

If you are missing your animal we suggest you check our "Find a Pet" section to see if your pet's photo is posted. If it is... that means that your animal has been impounded, and is here at the shelter.

Visit the shelter every two to three days to see if your pet arrives here. The unique characteristics of your pet are known best by you. Because of the large number of stray animals we see every day, it might be difficult for us to distinguish your pet from the other similar animals in the shelter. You or someone who knows your pet should come in and look through the animals in our stray areas.

There are a number of ways your pet can get lost including slipping out of their collar. Do not rely on a collar and tags as your pet’s only ticket home. The best way to track and identify your pet is with a microchip.

If your pet came into our care with a collar AND traceable identification, we will do everything in our power to contact you. If your animal is microchipped, and the number is traceable through our database, or is registered nationwide, we will contact you/the owner through the listed information. If you have moved or changed your phone number since registering your animal's microchip number, make sure that the new information is updated with the registered database.

Please remember that when animals have been away from home they get very scared and disoriented. Please come check as soon as possible after you realize your pet is missing. They will miss you as much as you miss them.